When it comes to your home you want to feel comfortable and confident in the electrician that is in front you. At IE we will provide both, along with being on time, clean and friendly. We will lay down cloths to protect your flooring,counter tops and furniture make sure where we have been in your home, it is left the same way or even cleaner. There is nothing worse than having a service provided at your home and the technician leaves a mess for you to clean up.”We guarantee that will not be the case with IE”. Below you will find the multiple services that we offer, please take a moment to read them, if you don’t see what you are looking for feel free to call, email or even text us, we will be happy to answer any question you might have.

Recessed lighting

Lighting is what turns your house into a home.With LED lighting taking over and only using 11 watts per fixture,your home will not only look and feel better, your energy bill will be reduced. We can help provide you with expertise on location,size and quantity. Its important to choose the proper location, you don’t want to have a strobe effect if the recessed light is to close to a ceiling fan or have a glare on your TV screen, these are just a few things that need to be taken into consideration when laying out the room for your lighting.

LED Light Bulb in a circle

LED retro fit

If you have the old incandescent light bulbs or maybe you have the compact fluorescent recessed lights (which are hard to remove), either way IE can replace these with LED light fixtures.  If this is a single story home or if these light fixtures on the first floor of a two story, we will not have to damage any drywall to for this retro fit.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are great way to assist with cooling down an area of your home, proving additional light and adding a touch to your home. IE can remove your old ceiling fan and replace with a new one or if you don’t have existing power in a room for a ceiling fan, we can also install a ceiling fan rated box, wiring and a switch if needed.

Service calls

IE provides a full service of troubleshooting, from tripped circuit breakers, lighting/receptacles not functioning, GFCI, ceiling fans, circuit breaker replacement, panel inspections and much more. If you don’t see what you are looking for please contact us we will be glad to answer all your questions.


Looking to replace your old worn out switches or receptacles?We can replace them with the same or upgrade you to the smooth face decora style. Dimming light fixtures is a great idea, it can take a bright room where you may read a book and reduce the lightning to watch your favorite movie.

Motion lights

Feeling safe and secure in your home at night is very important, with adding 1 or 2 exterior lights to your home, this will help keep possible  intruders at bay. With all the different types of lighting, from motion, dusk to dawn and lights on a timer, IE can provide and install any type of light that fits your needs

Wall mount TV

When mounting a TV, it is very important to be confident that the bracket is mounted correctly. With the proper mounting hardware,receptacle, TV cable and HDMI cables hidden in your wall , this can make for a very clean look with not having cables draped down your wall.

Electric vehicle car chargers

With all the new electric vehicles being sold today, we can provide you with a 220 volt outlet or installing  a charging station for your vehicle to  be ready for the next destination.

New circuits

Looking to add a receptacle in your home or maybe your garage only has one receptacle?We can install a dedicated circuit where it is needed.One of the more popular locations is in the garage where there is never enough receptacle. IE can install the wiring in the walls or surface mount raceway throughout your garage(which is a very clean option and can be more cost friendly than installing the wiring in the walls). If a 220v outlet is needed for a welder or dryer circuit, we can take care of that also.


If you are looking to purchase a spa, call IE first to confirm you have enough power and space in your panel. After we make sure your panel is ready for a spa,we can provide you with the cost to install the proper GFCI protection, wire and breaker size. These items are a must to have in place so you and your family are protected.

Whole house fan/attic fan

Wanting to cut down on your electric bill in the summer time? This is a great way to go about that. If your looking to just force hot air out of your attic, than the attic fan is the way to go (simple, quite and cost friendly). If pulling in the cool air in the morning and evening is what you are considering, then a whole house fan will cover that. We will take the time to get the square footage of your home and calculate the correct fan size to provide you the optimal cooling.

Under cabinet lighting

With custom length LED light to fit under each one of your cabinets, it will take the beautify counter top and back splash you have and make them sparkle. Not only does it ;look amazing, but its also great for preparing meals. By adding this touch you will never wish there was more lighting in kitchen for cooking.

Bathroom exhaust fans

Having a fan that is old, doesn’t spin very well or is loud can not only be annoying, but could also be a fire hazard. Whether you need one replaced or a new installation of a bath fan, we have you covered.


Room additions, kitchen remodel, bath room remodel or a man cave, we can do it all. Making sure all work installed is code compliant, clean and correct the first time, you can feel comfortable suing IE as your electrician.

Residential Circuit Breaker Panel

Panel upgrade

IE can take your main panel and increase the amperage to give you more useful power. One of the most common panel upgrades is having a 100amp panel and replacing it with a 200amp panel. With this option having enough power is not an issue. If you plan on building a pool, jaqouzee, or adding on to your home, this is a must have.

Landscape lighting

With the hundreds of different pathway lights, up lights and tree lighting, we can take the outside of your home and bring it to life at night.You have the options of setting up your lighting to come on and off at set times or have them come on and off from dusk to dawn. Which ever you choose this is a great option for the outdoors.