Service calls

IE provides a full service of troubleshooting, from tripped circuit breakers, lighting/receptacles not functioning, panel inspections and blown fuses. We have are trucks fully stocked and ready to get you back up and going.If you don’t see what you are looking for please contact us we will be glad to answer all your questions.

Wiring Diagram

Dedicated circuits

With over 20 years of experience in the commercial industry, we have provided dedicated circuits for computers, printers and I.T. equipment. If it is a 220 volt welder or a 3 phase 480 volt motor there are strict code requirements that must be followed to protect your equipment from being damaged due to over heating or a short circuit. All of this is very important and at IE we take this very seriously to help keep your assets safe and running. Whether is a single phase circuit or a 3 phase circuit IE can take care of it.

Tenant improvement

With electrical engineering services, we can help with the design and functionality of your tenant improvement. Lighting, receptacle locations and swicthes all need to be taken into consideration  when building your electrical system. IE will present multiple lighting options and controls to fit the function of your business. If 220 volt or 480 volt circuits are required we can provide those options along with adding and replacing existing panels.

LED retro fit

Now that LED lighting has become more cost effective this is becoming very popular to replace those old fixtures. If  you have the compact fluorescent recessed light bulbs or standard T8 4′ lamps, IE can replace those with LED light fixtures to help reduce the heat given off by those lamps along with reducing your energy bill.


As a business grows and takes on more employees and equipment, the power requirement demands can become much more. IE can add a sub panel to your current system or if you are looking to up size the existing panel, we provide both services. In some cases the current electrical cabinet outside needs to be removed and replaced with a larger cabinet. If this whats required for your business we will be glad to assist you in the upgrade.

Electric vehicle car chargers

With all the new electric vehicles being sold today, we can provide you with a 220 volt outlet or installing  a charging station. whether its in a garage or out doors we can take care of it.


IE has experience with installing transformers that can either take an existing 480 volt service and provide usable 120/208 volts or if 480 volts is whats required and 120/208 volts is whats currently ion place, we can also provide this application. No matter the voltage or wattage IE can complete the task given.

Property management

IE can maintain your commercial or residential properties for you by providing a monthly service to ensure  all lighting and power are in good working condition. We can maintain lighting throughout the property by replacing bad lamps, ballast, troubleshooting tripped breakers, blown fuses and clean out panel board/switch gear to ensure there are no electrical hazards. If monthly service is not needed, we will also come out on a “as needed basis” to take care of any electrical issues that may present themselves.

Network wiring

Either net, phone cables or hubs, we can install it all. One of the biggest trends is going wireless, this has become a big part in conducting business today.  With staying on top of whats up  and coming we will help walk you through the multiple options to fit your business.